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Victor Company Originals
Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment

Vietnam 1967









Roll of Honour
Memorial to Major General B.M.Poananga
Carving of Major General Poananga
Biography of Major General Poananga
Sweet Bugle for Jack (poem)

Nominal Roll
Biography: Lt Gen John Airth Mace

Deployment from Malaysia to Vietnam

Malaya & Borneo
Brian Poananga's tribute to his battalion

V Coy formed for Vietnam
Deployment to Vietnam May 67

Operations in Vietnam - May to November 1967

Map of Vietnam
Phuoc Tuy Province (Map)
Phuoc Tuy (Narrative)
Nui Dat (Painting)
Nui Dat (Narrative)
2 RAR Battalion Area (Photo)
The Horseshoe (Photo)
The Horseshoe (Narrative)
Operations - May to November 1967

Nui Dat July 2000 (photograph)

The Stories

Jumping Jack by JTB
And Do You Remember? by Hank Emery

The Black Scarves
The Hydraulics
We Capture a Couple of Oxen
Forked Off at Nui Dat by Ken McKee-Wright
Nui Dat Morning Glory
The Green Green Grass of Home
Parade 98, Vietnam Remembered
"True War Stories" by Brian Wilson 1 Platoon V Company (a website of personal memoirs)

Anzac Prayer 2001 (poem)
Softly I hear You (poem)
Sweet Bugle for Jack (poem)
Vietnam Paradox (poem)
Sentinels - a poem by Joe Cox for V Coy 1999 in East Timor
Blatant Resistance - a poem
(for Jenny Shipley who came to Parade98 dressed like a fire engine)

Warning - Swear Words Below , and
Jungle Track Song, by Mike Subritzsky, dedicated to the Originals

1 Platoon (photograph)
2 Platoon (photograph)
3 Platoon (photograph)
4 (Reinforcements) Platoon (photograph)
HQ 2 Platoon (photograph)
V Coy on parade at Pde98 (photograph)

Slow Loading Sound Files

Huey starting up
M60 Gunfire

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"Green green grass of home" (Right click - 2.5mb)

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Photographs at V Coy Rogues' Gallery

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