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New Zealand in the Vietnam War

Brooker, Gary
Two Lanyards in Vietnam, Whiskey Coy with 6RAR and 2RAR 1969/70
North Canterbury, 1995.

Browne, Betty May
With Our Boys in Vietnam

Challinor, Deborah
Grey Ghosts, New Zealand Vietnam Vets talk about their War
Hodder Moa Beckett, Auckland, 1998.

Challinor, Deborah & Lancaster, Elizabeth
Who'll Stop the Rain, Agent Orange and the Children of New Zealand's Vietnam Veterans
HarperCollins, Auckland, 2000.

Chamberlain, Kerry., Davin, Lorna., Long, Nigel. & Vincent, Carol
Vietnam Veterans' Family Programme: Nga Whanau a Tu - Final Report
Massey University, 1994.

Church, J.M., DSO.
Second to None. (2 RAR as the ANZAC Battalion in Vietnam, 1970 - 71.
(This personal account is both accurate and representative of the war fought by Australian servicemen. It is factual and uncomplicated record of one battalion commander's experience in 1970-71, based on his contemporary letters and diaries.)
Army Doctrine Centre, Mosman, 1995.

Eccles Smith, Dr Peter H
Letters from a Viet Nam Hospital
AH & AW Reed, 1969.
(The late Peter Hugh Eccles Smith, MB, ChB, FRCS(Edin), FRAS, DTM&H graduated in 1944 and served in the Royal Navy 1945-48 with the East Indies Fleet. In 1962 he was appointed medical superintendant of DannevirkeHospital. He spent 12 months from February 1967 as leader of the New Zealand Surgical team at the Province Hospital, Qui Nhon, just down the road from NZ Services Teams at Bong Son, in Binh Dinh Province, in what was then South Viet Nam)

Eder, Rod
Deep Jay, Kiwis at War in Vietnam
Tandem Press, Birkenhead, 1995.

Edwards, Glen D.
Vietnam - The War Within, Australian, American & New Zealand.
Twenty Vietnam veterans from Australia, America and New Zealand tell their stories.
Newstyle Printing Company Pty Ltd, South Australia, 1992.

Ex-Vietnam Services Association Inc
Contact, bi-monthly magazine

Fry, Major P.J. ed
The First Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment Journal
25th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

1 RNZIR, Singapore, 1982.

Glover, Rupert Granville
New Zealand in Vietnam: A Study in the Use of Force in International Law
Palmerston North, 1986.

Johnson, L. D.
The history of 6 RAR-NZ (ANZAC) Battalion, 1967 to 1970
Ennogera, Queensland, 1972

Moller, John A.
The Punji Pit
Tauranga Moana Press, Tauranga, 1986.

Nelson, Claire Loftus
Long Time Passing: New Zealand Memories of the Vietnam War
Wellington, 1990.

Newman, Major K.E., Ed
The ANZAC Battalion in South Vietnam, 1967 - 68 (Vols 1 & 2)
Printcraft Press, Australia, 1968.

Newman, S.D.
Vietnam Gunners: 161 Battery RNZA, South Vietnam, 1965 - 1971
Wellington, 1988.

Roberts, Major A.R., Ed.
The Anzac Battalion 1970-71.
Second Tour of the 2nd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment in South Vietnam.
Printcraft Press, Sydney, 1972.

Sayce, Capt R.L. and O'Neill, Lt M.D. (Eds), assisted by Garton, Pte A.
The Fighting Fourth. A pictorial record of the second tour in South Vietnam by 4 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion 1971- 1972.
(This book tells only part of the exacting operational tour of duty of 4 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion. That part which it does tell is, mainly, of the way in which the unit lived throughout its fore-shortened tour of duty.)
1989 Edition Published for the 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment Association by, John Burridge Military Antiques, Swanbourne, WA

Sisson, Colin P.
Wounded Warrior
Total Press, Auckland, 1993.

Smith, Colin
The Killing Zone: the New Zealand Infantry in Vietnam
Auckland, 1995.

Sturgeon, Graeme
Dustoff for Willie Peters
River Press, Picton, 1998

Subritzsky, Mike
The Vietnam Scrapbook: the Second ANZAC Adventure
Papakura, 1995.

Treanor, Ken
New Zealand Military Medics in Vietnam 1964 to 1971, 2nd ed
Christchurch, 1997.

Vincent, Carol., Long, Nigel., & Chamberlain, Kerry
Mental Health & Well-being of New Zealand Vietnam Veterans
Massey University, 1991.

Vincent, Carol., Long, Nigel., & Chamberlain, Kerry
New Zealand Vietnam War Veterans Twenty Years On
Massey University, 1994.

Webb, Lt J.R., assisted by Drake, Pte L.A.
Mission in Vietnam. The tour in South Vietnam of 4 RAR/NZ (Anzac) Bn and 104 Field Battery June 1968 - May 1969.
4th Battalion RAR, Townsville, 1969.
(1989 Edition published for the 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment Association by John Burridge Military Antiques, Swanbourne, WA)

Wicksteed, Major M.R. RNZA
The New Zealand Army: A History from the 1940s to the 1980s
Army Public Relations, Wellington, 1982.

Williams, Tony
anzacs, stories from new zealanders at war, pp 279 - 292
Hodder Moa Beckett, Auckland, 2000.

Woodruff, Mark W
Unheralded Victory - Who Won the Vietnam War
Harper Collins, 1999

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